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Small Business Focus: Stainless Steel Pegs by Best Pegs

Stainless steel pegs are perfect for Australian conditions. They don’t snap like plastic pegs that cannot be recycled. They are made from marine grade 316 stainless steel, they are more resistant to rust and they don’t heat up, even on the hottest Australian summer days.

Best Pegs stainless steel pegs is an Australian small business aiming to rid the world of poor quality plastic pegs that break and go to landfill.

Many plastic pegs find their way into our waterways through stormwater drains and it has become a common item found among beach cleaners the world over, see the Instagram hashtag #pegsgonewild for hundreds of examples.

Never buy pegs again!

Stainless steel pegs cost considerably more than your average bag of plastic pegs; however it ends up being a more economical choice in the long run as they do not need to be replaced. How many bags of pegs have you purchased so far? This cost certainly adds up, not to mention the environmental impact of producing and packaging these low quality items.

broken plastic peg with Best Peg
Broken plastic pegs contribute to microplastic pollution in our soil and waterways.

Microplastic pollution  is a growing problem.

Best Pegs is a proud supporter of AUSMAP, an ambitious coalition of school students, environment groups, universities and educators gathering critical new data about microplastic in our waterways. Using the data collected by our network of citizen scientists and researchers, AUSMAP is creating vivid maps of microplastic pollution hotspots around Australia. Their work will enable communities and government to implement behaviour change, regulate industry, and develop better waste management systems. 

“At AUSMAP we’re busy mapping pollution hotspots around Australia, building a network of data collectors whose work will help to save our river systems and coastlines. This is a nationwide citizen science project so you too can join our dedicated team of scientists, activists and researchers – welcome to AUSMAP!”.

Program Director, Dr Michelle Blewitt

Australian consumers are looking for more sustainable choices when shopping for everyday products. However there are some companies scamming buyers wanting to make these positive changes. A Facebook page has been started to raise awareness of the company Infinite Pegs, who accepts payment for cheaply priced stainless steel pegs and now yoga mats that never arrive.  This is disheartening for companies doing the right thing.

Best Pegs are independently tested to confirm that they are made from genuine 316 marine grade stainless steel using  X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy to determine the composition of the stainless steel. All orders are posted promptly, with Australia Post tracking so buyers can track their delivery.

It’s great to see small businesses like Best Pegs providing Australian consumers with a more sustainable choice for a frequently used product, you can visit them at or Instagram @best.pegs.

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